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Backup, Recovery & Archive

Data Security in Financial Industries

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The fact that shipment of backup tapes to an offsite location for storage is standard practice for organizations with large volumes of data, banks or financial institutions are at higher risk of having that data compromised.

Mandawani addresses the needs of banking & financial organizations with Enterprise data protection services created specifically to meet the challenge protecting large amounts of sensitive data distributed across remote and branch offices.  While eliminating the inherent security risks associated with tape backup, our solutions also provides the following benefits:

  • Better integrity of backups - Disk-to-disk backup provides far more reliable data recovery than tape backups.
  • Lower backup & recovery costs – Data backup can reduce costs through more efficient backup administration and elimination of expensive tape libraries
  • Remote data backup – Our Solutions allows one-touch backup & recovery for remote and branch offices from a single administration point

Banking & Financial Organization Regulatory Compliance

In addition to giving banking and financial organizations greater security of data and better backup integrity while lowering costs,  our solutions addresses the issues of regulatory compliance laws. 

Mandawani Consulting team can custom-tailor a data protection solution for your institution that will give you a completely-compliant data backup & recovery solution that delivers countless benefits, including:

  • Continuous data protection - With Continuous Data Protection (CDP) you can be confident that electronic financial records will be current, backed up, and securely available.


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