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Backup, Recovery & Archive

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Backup refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.  Backup popularly represents a simple form of disaster recovery. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mounted by the host operating system.

Mandawani Backtp and Recovery Solution

Backup is about protecting your work, not the computer. Computers are replaceable, but your hard work is your lifeline, and if lost, it would prove to be detrimental to your business. To help you save your data, we have many solutions that using various technology like tape library, virtual tape library, backup software and replication software. We build the solution to meet your unique needs.

If you have backup solution in place, you not have to worry. Mandawani has the expertise to help you implement and manage efficient and effective backup and recovery solutions.

Symantec NetBackup

Mandawani Symantec SolutionSymantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level heterogeneous backup and recovery suite. It provides cross-platform backup functionality to a large variety of Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems.

It is set up with a central master server that manages both media servers (containing the backup media) and clients. Core server platforms are, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Tru64, Linux and Windows.

Multiple NetBackup environments can be managed by NetBackup OpsCenter, which is bundled with the NetBackup 7.0 distribution, which replaces theNetBackup Operations Manager (NOM) component used in previous versions. NetBackup comes with support for many hardware devices like tape drives,tape libraries, disk units, and supports, amongst many others, hot backups for major database products like Oracle, can natively backup and restore the virtual machines of major virtualization products like VMware Infrastructure, can use Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), and has tape vaulting. NetBackup also enables LAN-free and server-free backups in SAN fabric environments.

Commvault Simpana Software

Mandawani commvault solutionSimpana software is a data and information management suite built on a scalable, single platform and unifying code base. Simpana software modules share a common set of advanced capabilities related to the storage and access of data and are administered through one console application. Simpana software modules and functions include: Backup and Recovery, Snapshot Management, Deduplication, Replication, Archive, Reporting and Analytics, Hierarchical Storage Management (Automated Storage Tiering), Enterprise Search and Security and Encryption. In October 2012, CommVault began selling snapshot management as a separate software product, called IntelliSnap Recovery Manager.

All Simpana-managed data resides in a virtual repository called the ContentStore. Data is automatically tiered and stored according to user-defined policies. A shared index catalogs the data version and location of deduplicated snapshot, backup and archive copies. This catalog can be used for granular recovery of files in the ContentStore.

The company divides its software products into nine solution categories:

  • Data Protection
  • Virtual Server Protection
  • Laptop/Desktop Protection & Mobile Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Recovery
  • Electronic Discovery & Compliance
  • Storage Optimization
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing

Quantum DXi

Mandawani Quantum SolutionEvery company has important data to back up and retain. But no one has time or money to waste—especially these days. Quantum comprehensive line of DXi-Series products leverages our patented data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk requirements by 90 percent or more and cut your overall backup costs. Plus, Quantum was the only company to bring disk, tape, and replication together for a complete, cost-effective solution across distributed sites. Best of all, the DXi-Series integrates easily into your existing backup infrastructure, works with your current backup applications, including Symantec's OpenStorage (OST) API, and supports everything from remote offices to corporate data centers.

FalconStor CDP

Mandawani FalconStor SolutionFalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) is a disk-based continuous data protection solution that provides comprehensive backup, remote replication, and rapid disaster recovery (DR) to enable continuous data availability. It works in UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows environments and protects application-specific data for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and other business applications, ensuring high performance and stability for even the most complex business environments. Capabilities include:

  • Automating disaster recovery processes via RecoverTrac™ technology
  • Instantly restoring files, emails, applications, and systems for the best recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Reducing recovery point objectives (RPO) to mere seconds
  • Up to 1,000 snapshots per LUN, allowing you to set as many recovery points as needed

EMC Networker

EMC NetWorker backup and recovery software centralizes, automates, and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment. NetWorker delivers record-breaking performance and a wide range of data protection options to safeguard your critical business data.

  • Unified Management - Bring together a full range of traditional and next-generation data protection—from backup-to-disk to replication management to tape—under a common management interface.
  • High Performance - Accelerate backup and recovery with industry-leading speed, security, and scalability to meet demanding service level requirements.
  • Leading Deduplication - Integrate with EMC Avamar client services and EMC Data Domain Boost to transform your backup and recovery with industry-leading data.


Mandawani Veeam SolutionVeeam Backup & Replication is built specifically for your virtual environment. It’s agentless to provide fast backup and recovery of virtual machines (VMs), regardless of virtual platform, OS, or type of storage. With a single license and from a unified console, you can protect your entire virtual infrastructure with industry-leading features such as Instant VM Recovery, granular file and application recovery, near-continuous data protection (near-CDP) and much more.

Whether you use VMware, Hyper-V or a combination of both—we have you covered with support for the latest hypervisor releases: VMware vSphere 5.1 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V.



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