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Seeing the Unseen in Security and Safety management

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VATES: Cutting Edge Surveillance Technology

With the proliferation of real-time and forensic digital video sources, the need for a technology that supports fast, efficient and accurate analysis of operational and historical video surveillance data from diverse sources is more important than ever.

That’s where we come in. VᾹTĒS, from OSI, is based on OSI’s proprietary Edge Focused Differencing technology. VᾹTĒS gives users the power to quickly identify and communicate differences in topography, and location of assets and personnel, and easily isolate, highlight and view objects in motion from any type of digital video feed.

Σnfusion System: Possibilities Are Endless

Diverse and fluid, Enfusion’s ability to improve your agency’s information and intelligence operations performance is unlimited, fulfilling the greatest need or the smallest request.  Your requirements are the only limitation to Enfusion!   

Enfusion aggregates intelligence from disparate sources and processes the data into a usable format for the commander at all levels of authority. Enfusion is primarily used for operations, and is extensible to be utilized at he smallest tactical level, its aim is to improve situational awareness and enhance decision-making. Enfusion’s robust capabilities can be pushed up, across and down to various mobile devices.


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